iPhone OS 4.0: Now See It For Yourself

iPhone OS 4.0: Now See It For Yourself

In its iPhone OS 4 pronouncement on Thursday, Apple said that the iPhone 3GS, iPad, and iPod Touch will sustain a restricted type of multitasking.

Rather than allowing full intermediary programs to run in the backdrop, Apple said that it will expose seven background services to iPhone makers, who will be able to join them to form a skill that would make their programs appear to be running at the rear the scenes.

Microsoft is making use of the similar policy in Windows Phone 7, although Microsoft has not specified that which services it will make obtainable to producers.

Apple’s seven background services would include: Background Audio, Voice Over IP, Location Services, Push Notifications, Local Notifications, Task Completion, and Fast Apps Switching.

With Background Audio Service feature, people who desire to play Pandora in the background will be able to do so while multitasking on the iPhone.

The most interesting feature available on the iPhone would be ‘Task Completion’. This feature allows programs finish its random items in the background such as uploading photos, etc. The rest of the features also have some interesting facilities to offer to its users.