Opposition Against Peace River Site-C Dam On a High

Opposition Against Peace River Site-C Dam On a High

The opponents standing against the proposed building of the Peace River Site-C dam are revealed to have discovered another argument to support their claims.

They are backed by the findings of BC's Peace River Valley and Climate Change Report, to suggest global warming as an another reason aimed to pose as a stumbling block in the path of dam construction.

Regional conflict has long defined politics in Canada, and whole forests have been felled in the production of reports, analyses, and studies that document this phenomenon.

The report contrasted with most of the province, the Peace River Valley's agricultural capacity is expected to be improved, by climate change.

BC Hydro is posted to propose the construction of a project that will flood a valley, submerge thousands of hectares of class one soil, hampering the mating grounds and the sole migratory passages for hundreds of varied animal species thereby rendering economic legacy in a position that will only consist of just a few full-time jobs.

In addition, the report says that Northeastern B. C. will grab advantage from warmer temperatures and more precipitation extending the agricultural growing season.


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