Exercising can Reduce the Prescribed Tranquilizers for ICU Patients

Exercising can Reduce the Prescribed Tranquilizers for ICU Patients

We have known exercising for a number of benefits; there is one more that now adds to the list. For the ICU patients, a new research has that recommended mild exercise can help reducing the number of tranquilizers prescribed. The patients who are in intensive care unit and under the supervision of specialist doctors will now be able to slice the tranquilizers almost to half, if exercise programs that include meek exercise routine can be encompassed.

This routine if undertaken regularly under specialist and trained occupational therapists, can make a significant difference to the health of the intensely ill people.

All that the ICU patients need to do in the name of exercise is : leg or arm movements or combination of both while lying flat in bed and sitting up or standing or while leisurely walking in the passageways of the ICU.

These findings are supported by a study of 57 ICU patients that were observed by a team of Johns Hopkins admitted to The Johns Hopkins Hospital's MICU in 2007. It should also be noted that the conclusion that was drawn regarding the exercising benefits had covered the treatment of the patients who were examined for 794 days spent in the unit.

It is also worth highlighting that it has been found that early movements can also reduce the number of other drowsiness causing disease were also reduced in patients who were subjected to mild exercises.

These recommendations therefore are a helpful advice to the doctors that deal with treatment of such critical patients, as it highlights the importance of early mobilization in patients. The physicians should take this into account that light exercises can make a noticeable difference in the health of patients.