Georgia Insurance Commissioner Turns Down "High-Risk" Insurance Pool for State

Georgia Insurance Commissioner Turns Down "High-Risk" Insurance Pool for State

On Monday, John Oxendine, the Georgia Insurance Commissioner, officially announced that his office would not be participating in a major first step of the new Government healthcare law, which is the creation of state pools that would aim at helping sick people pay for medical coverage.

It has been seen that many sick people cannot afford the costs of such "high-risk" insurance plans and under the new law, about $5 Billion worth of Federal funds has been provided to all the states across the country to pay for the insurance premiums for these patients.

The initiative will be, officials have insisted, completely paid for by the Federal Government and no state funds would be required.

But Mr. Oxendine, who is a Republican candidate running for Governor, has stressed that he strongly maintains that the programs and underfunded and Georgia would eventually end up bearing most of the costs.

"Unfortunately, I have no confidence in any federal assertion that this so-called temporary program will not burden the taxpayers of Georgia. I cannot commit the state of Georgia to ... a scheme which I believe the Supreme Court will hold to be unconstitutional, leads to the further expansion of the federal government, undermines the financial security of our nation", Oxendine wrote in a letter to U. S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius.