Porsche Cars Canada Slash Car Prices

Porsche Cars Canada Slash Car Prices

The rise of the Canadian Dollar has been accompanied by the reduction in price of Porsche cars by Porsche Cars Canada Limited. The Canadian Dollar has almost equaled its U. S. counterpart.

It is reported that Porsche has revealed its “Canadian Currency Credit” program in an attempt to attract a larger number of Canadian customers and lure them into purchasing Porsche vehicles.

In keeping with this view, the price of the most popular Porsche automobile in Canada, Porsche Cayenne, which is a sport utility vehicle, has been slashed by 2%. It is now priced at $54,200.

It has been reported that the last time the Canadian Loonie sought out to equal its U. S. standard was in 2007.

With this slash in prices, the current models are available at a price that is lower than the price in 2007. However, it is still more than the U. S. price. Take for example, the Porsche Cayenne which cost $60,100 in Canada in 2007, while it is presently available in the U. S. at $45,500.

According to reports, the Porsche Boxster is priced at $55,600 in Canada, which is lower than its earlier price of $59,600.