Gorging on Pastas and White Breads? You Might be Substantially Adding to Your Heart Disease Risks!

Gorging on Pastas and White Breads? You Might be Substantially Adding to Your He

Ok, so you might not be gorging, but are you even having them more often? Yes? Then you are doing the same thing. You are actually upping your chances of developing heart diseases by as much as 2 times!

A recent study, undertaken by a team of experts at the Columbia University Medical Center in New York, has revealed that a diet which is filled with high calorie and fat foods like pastas, white bread and white rice could end up adding exponentially to the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

And in what will now come as a sad news for the ladies, men were not found to be more at risk through this diet, maybe because they end up developing heart diseases in a different way. To reach at the conclusion, researchers analyzed diets of over 47,000 people to calculate their average glycemic index, or GI, score.

Foods which have a high GI release sugar in the bloodstream more quickly, as compared to those with a low GI, and also foods with high GI actually make the person feel hungry quicker, which means that the person ends up eating more.

Ok, so let's get this straight, more sugar in addition to over eating. Any questions why foods high in GI are not good and adversely affect health? We think it is pretty clear!

Now no one is suggesting that you should altogether give up these foods, after all, we cannot deny that they are mouth watering. Just try and limit your intake and balance it out with some regular work out and all should be good!