Select Committee Suggestion to Discard Software Patents is Causing Worry

Brett O'Riley

According to the New Zealand ICT industry, a Select Committee suggestion which is to discard software copyrights is perturbing for New Zealand.

It has been reported by the NZICT that a Select Committee concentrating on Patents Bill reforms has suggested to the government that it eliminates copyright security for software programs in New Zealand.

Chief Executive Brett O'Riley considers that the nation's software progress sector also requires similar security as others.

Brett O'Riley stated, "Software patents, while acknowledged as a less than perfect solution in some areas, are none-the-less integral to an individual or company's right for commercial protection and essential for competing globally".

He said that they consider that it is vital for firms to keep hold of the alternative to shield their originality under copyright law, if that is their option.

O'Riley also said that the suggestion flouts the current economic policy in New Zealand and contradicts the policy to prolong software patents which had been verified in 2005 after business consultation.

He believes, the nation's capability to deal and contend globally in the digital market depends upon an accommodating lawmaking atmosphere that binds and identifies New Zealand's creativity and novelty.