Midwestern Sky Sees Large Meteor Blaze

Midwestern Sky Sees Large Meteor Blaze

It can be named as an astronomical experience which bemused the inhabitants in the region when a hefty meteor burst into flames in the Midwestern sky on Wednesday night.

The meteor, which was seen moving west to east at 10 p. m., was seen by many inhabitants of Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

The meteor fell somewhere around Wisconsin, which caused thunderous explosions, filling dwellers of the area with amazement.

Sky gazers had been mesmerized by the sight. There was this shiny light, which covered a gigantic portion of the sky.

Everyone had not been lucky enough to see the beautiful sight but the ones who saw it were surprised at the beauty of green light that resembled like a fireball.

One of the eyewitnesses commented on his You Tube account, that it was a tiny red dot with a tiny white tail traveling leisurely and then suddenly it became enormous and green and then travelled at a super fast pace.

According to the images clicked by radar, the meteor is anticipated to have landed in Wisconsin.

The fireball is expected to have broken down into tiny pieces when it struck the ground.