IHRNA Opts for Open Source Content System for New Website

IHRNA Opts for Open Source Content System for New Website

According to news, the Indigenous Human Rights Network Australia (IHRNA) has selected the open source content management system, Joomla, for its latest website.

Arranged by the Australian Human Rights Commission and financed by Oxfam Australia, the network serves as a source for supporters of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's human rights.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, Mick Gooda, said that the IHRNA network "fills a void" for advocates and would guarantee that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights are given right significance in the "development of laws, programs and policies in Australia".

Gooda said in a statement that now, with the touch of a keypad, network members will be enabled to get in touch with specialists for counsel or make relationships with counselors and other human rights promoters to share information and greatest practice techniques to shield Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' human rights.

The website was created by Cairns new media design agency igneous studios and formed in consultation with numerous groups, together with Vision Australia and other organizations in the US and Canada.

Several of these groups discovered a shortage of social networks developed for the visually damaged. The website also employs third party answers, Solona and Webvisum to make room for visually impaired consumers.

A single sign up module was in addition, developed by Ning for incorporation into Joomla.

The website contains data on making complaints, ways to discover financial support, news and incidents and offers a social threshold for customers to bond with other advocates and share information on aboriginal human rights.