A Hope for Diabetes Patients: Artificial Pancreas

A Hope for Diabetes Patients: Artificial Pancreas

Diabetes is probably one of the most dreaded illnesses, and it is a very sad fact that the epidemic is now growing and engulfing more and more people, regardless of the age, sex and demographic. But then we always have medical science to fight back!

As diabetes and its attacks grow, scientists keep intensifying their efforts to come up with new and improved ways to help people living with diabetes to fight their best. Although nothing beats a good 'ol correct-diet-and-exercise routine, it is not feasible for everyone, and that is where the wondrous science steps in.

The latest discovery in the field of diabetes treatment has been creation of an artificial pancreas. That's right! A breakthrough effort, undertaken by scientists who created the procedure using a computerized calculator and insulin-pump, which together regulated blood sugar in people suffering from type 1 diabetes.

"The finding is the latest in what has become a race to develop a fully functioning artificial pancreas [long gland that lies behind the stomach; manufactures insulin and digestive enzymes. ] that can give patients with type 1 diabetes [Also called insulin dependent diabetes; a condition in which the pancreas produces so little insulin that the body cannot use blood glucose as energy; which must be controlled with daily insulin injections.] an automated way to control their blood sugar", lead researcher of the amazing effort has said. Quite impressive, we must say!

All thanks to the new lifestyle being followed by people, which has more of unhealthy eating and least of physical exercise, diabetes has become a huge problem. There are many people living with it currently, and sadly enough, there are many more out there who do not even realize that they have contracted the condition.

In such a scenario, a creation of this type is a definite medical boon and something that is sure to bring a ray of hope to all those who think that they have lost the battle to the disease.