Composer Wins Legal Dispute Over Impending Reimbursement Worth Thousands of Pounds

HIV and hepatitis C

A well known composer, who has also won numerous awards, contracted HIV and hepatitis C after he had been administered contaminated blood from the NHS. Ultimately, he has been able to win a legal dispute over impending compensation, which is worth thousands of pounds.

Andrew March, a 36 year old, had sought a legal evaluation cancelling a governmental pronouncement, which stated not to honor reimbursement to victims of an impure blood scandal on the similar level as those in the Republic of Ireland.

A self-sufficient investigation that had been conducted the previous year called for review of payouts to those who had contracted HIV and hepatitis in the years 1970 and 1980 through transfusions with blood that was not effectively treated before making use of it.

Ministers rejected his demand, promising those with HIV no more than 12,800 Pounds for one year.

A High Court judge ruled yesterday that the Government’s declaration was full of errors.

The Government has in the past declined by saying the Irish blood transfusion service was liable for committing the blunder, which was not the case in Britain.