Order a Bucket of Grilled Chicken at KFC to Prevent Breast Cancer

Order a Bucket of Grilled Chicken at KFC to Prevent Breast Cancer

There could be no better news than this for people who relish eating chicken. Now, they can enjoy the sumptuous taste of chicken while at the same time this would contribute towards a noble cause.

Kentucky Fried Chicken , which is a fast food chain, has now partnered with Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the leading grassroots Breast Cancer Association that has a mission of revitalizing science, so that it can find the cures internationally, throughout April and May with their 'Buckets for the Cure' crusade.

KFC has made their symbolic buckets of grilled or original recipe chicken pink, the signature color for breast cancer awareness movement, and for every bucket sold until 30 May or till the time supplies last, 50 cent will be given as donation, to Susan G. Komen, for the Cure to finance breast cancer education, screening and treatment programs.

The Pink Buckets' covers will have a call to action in order to get involved. Names of the people who have survived breast cancer and those who could not make it while fighting breast cancer will be listed on the sides of the bucket.

It is a noble way of showing concern for something that is majorly responsible for taking away lives of many people. Listing the names of survivors and the ones who could not survive their disease on the lids, KFC has and is definitely going to make a lot of difference in the lives of the people who are now suffering from breast cancer.

With the funds that this movement will aid the research, will prove to be a boon for many of those who may get an opportunity to survive this deadly disease.

Up till now, KFC has been able to raise $1,604,403, with a goal of $8.5 million to be accumulated by 30 May.

Purchasing a Pink Bucket is not the only way that you can contribute making the largest single donation to end breast cancer forever. You can also get involved with the crusade against breast cancer by visiting BucketsForTheCure. com to donate without buying any chicken.