Apple Prefers nVIDIA Over Intel for Graphic Processing Updation

Apple Prefers nVIDIA Over Intel for Graphic Processing Updation

nVIDIA has appeared in Apple's new MacBooks once again giving a tough competition to Intel.

Ashok Kumar, an Analyst at Rodman & Renshaw said that there has been a boon in the demands of video and graphics among the present day users. Thus, nVIDIA plays a key role here.

"Apple is strategically writing software that is able to harness the GPU", said Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies.

It has been accepted by many of the experts that nVIDIA graphics has been delivering better performances in terms of energy efficiency in the MacBook Pro systems, in contrast with the less-capable Intel graphics. Apple calls this feature as "automatic graphic switching".

About Apple, Van Baker, an Analyst at the Gartner Group, said that the company would never compromise on the quality and efficiency of the graphics.

Apple has updated the graphic processing on nVIDIA graphics chip and not on the older Intel Core 2 processor design, as it had space limitations under the design.

Also, in the prior versions of MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air systems, Apple had reportedly preferred nVIDIA chipsets in the main processor.