Workers Lured By Open Source

Workers Lured By Open Source

An analyst has cited that although schools are pondering over the call from organizations looking for IT personnel skilled in open source, yet such efforts are needed to include a more wide industry involvement and greater integration across the curriculum.

Patrick Chan, Chief Technology Advisor for IDC Asia-Pacific's emerging technologies practice group, posted that a more dedicated effort needs to be introduced on the part of institutions in order to move universities in the same direction.

On the other side, vendor-branded education may cut workers skilled in that vendor's technology from walking towards another employer running a different vendor's software.

"There's a lot of ad hoc effort right now by universities spearheading open source curricula," he added.

Open source giant, Red Hat, has witnessed to actively unveil education and training programs in the Asia-Pacific region over the past few years, aiming to boost open source mindshare.

Arun Kumar, Red Hat's Senior Director of Business Development for Asia-Pacific and Japan, claimed that universities are conglomerating open source vendors as students want affiliation with large vendor labels, with plans to align their careers to these vendors.