Budget Cuts Have No Impact on Doctor Who

Jana Bennett

It was claimed by Jana Bennett, Director of BBC television that the budget cuts would have no impact on Doctor Who. She also mentioned that she was not ready to negotiate on the quality of the show.

She said that they had to use the public money properly and they knew that the viewers loved Doctor Who and were satisfied with the new doctor.

"We try to make savings so we can invest in other program. The one thing we don't cash in or trade off is quality. If you look at Doctor Who now, with the amazing new title or the new Tardis itself inside, the quality on screen is really terrific and ambitious", said Bennett.

She also mentioned that they were trying really hard to constrict the budget and she wanted to be in charge of the quality of BBC television. According to Bennett, Doctor Matt Smith and his companion Karen Gillan would be the next big stars of the weekend program.

It was told by Doctor Who's show runner, Steven Moffat that he became more creative because of the budget cuts.