Doctor Who and Daleks Get on Screen Makeover

Doctor Who

It has been reported that the famous British television show, ‘Doctor Who’ has undergone a multicolored on-screen make over.

According to critics, this refurbishing of the Daleks, is associated with the BBC's wish to augment its share in the merchandising market.

So far, though the alien menace has registered quite a few changes since its onset in ‘Doctor Who’ in 1963, yet these changes have been more or less minor.

However, the recent changes in the Daleks, which were made public in last week's episode, are significantly more conspicuous and larger. The Daleks now come in a range of eye-popping primary colors and are also bigger in size.

Most fans declare that the Daleks now resemble Fisher Price toys. Some find these analogous to soft toys, made half of marshmallow and half of plastic. Some fans also express regret at the removal of the original Dalek design.

Most people fear that the Dalek design has been changed to garner more toy sales. This is also manifest in the makeover given to the Doctor, who now sports a new look, Tardis and a sonic screwdriver.