Mere 64 JooJoo Tablets Sold by FusionGarage

Mere 64 JooJoo Tablets Sold by FusionGarage

A recent email sent by Fusion Garage to consumers regarding its Joojoo tablets tells us two things. One, that the corporation actually doesn't know how to correctly use the BCC field to conceal email addresses, and two, that it is likely that it could only sell 64 Joojoos.

The email in question had been sent by a temporary consumer support worker to a definite faction of consumers. These consumers had been selected for participation in a recent feedback program since they had formerly dropped a line to Fusion Garage with questions or recommendations.

The listing in no way discloses Fusion Garage's complete customer base. Sales have continued to increase after the public launch of the Joojoo.

It is known from source that at the end of March, Fusion Garage barely had 90 preorders for the tablet.

15 of those preorders had been canceled, which means that from the time when those court documents had been published, another set of 11 preorders called it off as well. And, certainly, some who received a Joojoo may possibly have given it back, and Fusion Garage may have included additional email addresses in the BCC segment on some grounds.