Another Dangerous Fungus Might be Coming the American Way!

Another Dangerous Fungus Might be Coming the American Way!

American has barely said goodbye to the dangerous and troublesome Swine Flu, or H1N1 virus, which ended up taking lives of many people and sickened many, many more, and warnings bells have now been sounded once again. Sadly, a very dangerous airborne fungus is on its way to engulf the country.

The fungus has widely been dubbed as the "killer fungus" and already, it has managed to infect about 50 people in the US, as has been reported by the CDC. Expectations are that it will spread real quick. The fungus had reportedly first surfaced in Pacific Northwest in 1999, and it has been hitting places across Canada as well.

Cryptococcus gattii, or C. gattii, is the fungus which is triggering the dangerous infection and while it can be treated with antifungal medication, it can turn really bad and also end up causing other potentially lethal conditions like pneumonia or meningitis.

Although warning bells have been sounded, experts feel that people do not need to change their behavior in any way. Residents should not lock themselves in and not cancel vacations and get-aways.

Actually, the fact is the fungus is airborne, and there is no way one can stop breathing, and experts have shared that the virus is present is in the entire environment, it is in the trees, the soil, just about everywhere! Just how much can one run from it? Not at all, right. So let's just not confine ourselves to one place.

Severe headache, fever, chills and shortness of breath have been shared by doctors as the four most striking symptoms of a C. gattii infection. So if you feel any of these, please go and see your doctor so that the treatment can commence as soon as possible!

Till then, please do not lock yourself in and continue with life normally. Let's also pray that the fungus does not spread!