Indiana Reports Second Largest Percentage of Adult Smokers

Indiana Reports Second Largest Percentage of Adult Smokers

A Federal report released this week evinces that Indiana hosts the second-largest percentage of adult smokers in the United States. It is preceded by West Virginia.

However, despite such appalling figures, the state health officials declare that the state has made considerable progress in the last ten years.

The Indiana State Department of Health and Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation unveiled a final report on the 2009 smoking statistics on Friday. The same day the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study also revealed that Indiana stands 50th in the nation, including the District of Columbia, for the number of adult smokers.

According to the State Health Department, last year the percentage of adult smokers in Indiana fell to 23.1%. In 2008, the number was 26%. The highest percentage of adult smokers in the state was 27.6%, which was seen in 2002.

These statistics have been accompanied by recommendations to state Governments that they should implement coordinated, high-impact strategies that will boost the decline of U. S. smoking rates.

These statistics should be taken very seriously by all state officials. It is known that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer in the world. Lung cancer is also the most diagnosed form of cancer. Besides, leading to potentially fatal cancer, smoking also increases the risk of respiratory disorders and heart disease. It is reported that nearly one in five deaths in America are caused due to cigarette smoking.

Moreover, smokers not only do themselves harm, but also increase the risk of these diseases for people who are exposed to cigarette smoke through second hand smoking. It is high time that the Governments take all measures possible by spreading awareness, implementing smoke free laws and increasing taxes and prices on tobacco and cigarettes. If one of these strategies does not work single handedly, it is important that they are combined to elicit the most effective results.