Aboriginal Site Confirmed Near Major Tasmanian Highway

Aboriginal Site Confirmed Near Major Tasmanian Highway

In a new discovery, archaeologists have affirmed an Aboriginal site in the way of a major Tasmanian highway. They claim that the site has the oldest evidence of human habitation in the southern hemisphere.

It has been reported that nearly, 3 million aboriginal artifacts have been found at the Jordan River levee north of Hobart.

The State Government had ordered archaeologists to analyze the site, following protests by the Aboriginal community that the construction of the Brighton bypass could harm the site.

Rob Paton, who is the site's Archaeological Director, reveals that the final official report avows that the dig verifies some artifacts are about 40,000 years old.

He shared, "They're stone artefacts, they're used for day to day living, and you know cutting and sharpening, it's that day to day stuff that really is rarely found".

Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources has stated that there is only 500 meter of the levee will be affected by the bypass. He confirmed that so far no construction on the site has been undertaken and all necessary permits will be taken before any construction begins.