BMW Pronounces Megacity Electric Vehicle for the Year 2013

BMW Pronounces Megacity Electric Vehicle for the Year 2013

BMW has been using the Beijing International Auto Show, so as to notify the media and public, regarding its forthcoming line of Megacity electric vehicles. The PR blitz is in the right place, as BMW gets ready to embark on the Chinese section of its Mini E test phase.

50 keen clients in China are listed to commence testing the all-electric edition of the Mini Cooper later this year, whilst others, will obtain the opportunity to test a fleet of cars, that will be based on the BMW ActiveE Concept in 2011.

This second motor vehicle under the Project ‘i campaign’ is going to offer significant test results for the Megacity Vehicle, which will come to the international market in the year 2013.

One of the chief development challenges for BMW is, engineering the car, so that in spite of a heavy set of batteries, it will have a weight that is lower than vehicles, which are already in the market.

The lower the weight, the farther the all-electric motor vehicle can voyage, on a single charge. For the Megacity, BMW is planning on abundance of lightweight materials, which would consist of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, all over the car.