Activists: Wind Turbines Make People Fall Ill

Activists: Wind Turbines Make People Fall Ill

The Liberal Government has overruled an opposition movement that has demanded to place an instant suspension on wind turbines, until their health effects are further examined.

Almost 250 people came down to Queen's Park on Wednesday, in order to protest the presence of the turbines in the vicinity of inhabited areas.

They assert that the turbines cause low-frequency noise and have made 106 Ontario residents fall ill, causing a range of health problems such as from hypertension to sleeplessness and nosebleeds in kids.

Dr. Robert McMurtry said that it is really sad to see that people are falling sick every now and then and still authorities are least bothered to do anything in support of their health concerns.

The Progressive Conservatives came up with the movement on Wednesday afternoon demanding for an instant suspension on the turbines. The movement, however, was beaten by the majority Liberals.

Prime Minister, Dalton McGuinty stated that suspension is required. Ontario has some of the most rigorous norms in North America in terms of wind power and the county is financially supporting a university study chair to examine the long-term impact of the turbines.