Women More Sensitive than Men

Women More Sensitive than Men

According to the reports, it was seen that women were more sensitive to pains than men.

It was told by a Canadian expert that it had now been scientifically proven that women felt more pain than men.

It was seen that Professor Jeffrey Mogil went to Christchurch to attend the meeting of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and its Faculty of Pain Medicine.

It was told by him that most people had in mind that women felt less pain during childbirth, whereas it was seen that women were a lot more sensitive to all types of pain. He also added that around 70%of women were chronic pain patients.

It was explained by Mogil that according to the researches, men and women had different circuits in the brain for processing pain. He also added that because of this, discovery of a new painkiller could be made which worked for only men or only women.

"You take 100 people on the street and you ask them 'who's more sensitive to pain - men or women?' and 90 to 95 of them guess men. And they all base that idea on the fact that women undergo childbirth and therefore they must be more tolerant to it", said Canadian pain expert, Professor Jeffrey Mogil.