Microsoft Cancelling Its Courier Tablet

Microsoft Cancelling Its Courier Tablet

If Microsoft didn't want to be left behind, it needs to start putting out decent products, but Microsoft is cancelling its Courier tablet.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft never officially verified that Courier was ever on track to become a product. This is really sad news for all people who view this new and upcoming, Microsoft Courier. It has 2 screens like a book and is aimed to get on iPad's foot.

Probably Microsoft killed a good idea because of internal company politics and it did it for the first time. If Microsoft followed Apple's direction and used a phone OS for Courier, the current Courier prototype would be using Windows Mobile 6, which would have generated a problem Microsoft would really want, Windows Phone 7, which will not be dispatched until the year end.

But trying to release an OS for two very different form of factors would be a lot of work. For example, Apple did not release the iPad for more than two years after the original iPhone OS was released.

Courier wouldn't necessarily need or want any of the user interface that Windows 7 offers, as it has built its own unique user interface. Whether Courier would expose anything like Windows 7, or allow standard Windows applications to run is still doubtful.

Microsoft isn't ready for Courier right now, may be it will come out in a year or two.