Global Mortality Rates Analyzed

Mortality Rates

There has been a significant improvement in mortality rates in Australia since the year 1970. A study has found that Australia has among the lowest mortality rates among the male and female population globally. It has joined the top 10 countries having the lowest mortality rates globally.

This study analyzed mortality rates in 187 countries globally and used birth registration and census and survey data. The main purpose of the study was to find out about mortality rates among people in the 15-59 years age bracket.

Australia improved its ranking from 44th position to 6th position in adult male mortality figures and from 36th to 8th position for adult female mortality figures.

The study also found strong regional imbalances. Even though global mortality figures improved by 26% over the last 40 years, Africa still suffers from high mortality rates mainly due to HIV.

But there were positives too in this study. It revealed the growing success of antiretroviral [ARV] therapies which have the potential to significantly reduced AIDS related deaths.

This study has been published in the latest issue of Lancet and was sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The country which has the lowest risk of death among men is Iceland and for women it is Cyprus. On the other hand Swaziland and Zambia continue to be countries having the highest rates of death for men and women respectively.