Sainsbury's Becomes 2012 Paralympics Sponsor

Sainsbury's Becomes 2012 Paralympics Sponsor

Sainsbury's is reported to have become the first sole sponsor of the 2012 London Paralympics, in what the organizing committee reveals is the largest sponsorship of the event signed in its history.

Sainsbury's, the first partner to become a Paralympics-only sponsor, grabbed a significant commercial opportunity after Channel 4 fetched the rights to broadcast the event in January and pledged 150 hours of TV coverage.

The highest-level sponsorship deal reflects that Sainsbury's will be become one of just two sponsors who will have the privilege to take advantage of the limited branding permitted during the Games.

"This historic commitment to the Paralympic movement is the largest sponsorship ever of a Paralympic games", quoted, the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Sainsbury's is reported to run a media campaign and in return the brand will be posted on athletes' bibs and around key venues during the Paralympics.

In addition, the deal will also include a clause of limited branding to be allowed on the field of play at the Paralympics and Sainsbury's will be one of only two partners, the other yet not disclosed, to have a its brand flaunted on athletes' bibs.