Combat Cyber Crime; Requires Global Actions

Combat Cyber Crime; Requires Global Actions

Cyber security is not just a raising issue in U. S., but it is also a matter of concern in the developing countries like China, Russia and India. Today an assembly of tech industry leaders, policymakers, and national security executives, met to confer the roots and preventions regarding cyber assails on infrastructure.

The society all over the world is interconnected and there are no borders on the internet. Thus, the responsibility to be taken for these cyber crimes comes over all the countries' Governments. Today, the impending devastating attacks have risen, encroaching over intellectual chattels, communications infrastructure, monetary systems, government services and power networks.

A lot waits for the would-be muggers! For instance, McAfee Antivirus estimates a worldwide loss of $1 trillion in data last year due to cyber- espionage. This is rapidly increasing with attacks over online business globally.

With a goal to curb the above risks, around 400 experts and security officials gathered from 40 odd countries to strengthen cross-border strategies, but also to combat shared information security challenges.

"Cyberspace doesn't recognize national boundaries, which is why there's more and more talk of the need for international solutions, with expanded cooperation between national agencies", said Andrew Nagorski, EWI's Vice President and Director of Public Policy.

A thriving conference this week will help form stronger information-sharing dealings and also, come up with new schemes to fight cyber criminals.