Human Gene Paves Way For HIV Vaccine

Human Gene Paves Way For HIV Vaccine

The findings of a study published in Nature, have brought researchers a step closer for the development of the HIV vaccine.

According to a study conducted by the US researchers, they have determined the reason of why some people have natural immunity against HIV.

The findings throw light on a small number of people called ‘elite controllers’. These rare set of individuals make white cells that are better equipped to fight HIV infection.

Studies show that these individuals either develop HIV infection at a very slow pace or in some cases they are not infected at all.

The reason for this is a specific gene discovered in 1990’s is known HLA B57. People carrying this gene generate powerful T cells that fight the infection. With the result the immune system is stronger keeping all infections at bay.

It is believed that out of every 200 HIV infected individuals, one may carry the specific gene.

According to MIT Professor, Arup Chakraborty and Harvard Professor, Bruce Walker, the gene works on computer modeling system. The specific cells develop in an organ of the immune system called thymus.

The researchers are excited about the discovery as it gets them a step closer in the process of designing a vaccine for Aids.

However, they claim that the specific vaccine for aids is not in the picture for at least a decade.

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