U.S. May Face Cyber Attack, Says Richard Clarke

U.S. May Face Cyber Attack, Says Richard Clarke

Richard Clarke, a former anti-terrorism official has warned the U. S. for a full-scale cyber attack that would take as less as 15 minutes to cause death and destruction across the country.

He is an adviser to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. He stated that an "electronic Pearl Harbor" can occur if America failed to prepare for the annexing of its computer system by terrorists.

Clarke's new book, Cyber War, warns that tens of thousands of Americans could die in an attack similar to a nuclear bomb. Not a single soldier or terrorist will step in the U. S. and yet it would be devastated in 15 minutes.

According to the book, a doomsday scenario will be created in which the problems would start with the collapse of one of the Pentagon's computer networks. Internet service providers would be in meltdown, due to the attacks. Chemical plants will be malfunctioned and will release lethal clouds of chlorine. The underground trains would crash in New York, Washington and Los Angeles, while planes would collide in mid-air. About 150 cities will suffer from power cuts.

Clarke issued terrible warnings of the need for better defenses against al-Qaida and argues that a lack of preparation could cause much damage.