Professional Success At the Cost of Your Health – Is It Justified?

The age old idiom-All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy has been replaced by the new idiom which reads- All work and no play makes Jack an ‘ill’ boy.

Over the years much has been written and talked about the stress from professional lives. The mad race of money and materialism has pushed the humans to enormous levels of stress.

The desire to be ahead and get to a top notch position in professional lives, have exposed people to major health implications.

Lifestyle diseases like anxiety, depression and diabetes, all are attributed in some way to the stress one experiences from the professional lives.

According to the observation of Mr. Stephen Bevan, the Managing Director of the Work Foundation, the employees who encounter stress at their work place are more prone to severe health implications like anxiety disorders, mild depression, coronary heart diseases and hypertension.

Mr. Bevan made the key observation in response to the findings of a study conducted by scientists in Denmark.

The study conducted by Aviva brought forth the fact that there is widespread stress in the British workplace. It further divulged that about 55% people report to work despite being ill.

The study highlighted that nearly half of the workers were stressed and about one in five were fighting with depression. The study published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine studies a sample of 12,116 female nurses.

The finding of the study leaves an ugly question staring in our faces.

Is professional success justified at the cost of your health?

Though some stress is necessary to push us to our potentials but the excess of anything leads to grave consequences.

Understanding the need of the hour, many organizations have implemented employee assistance programs that urge workers not to bottle up their stress.

A healthy worker leads to a healthy organization and it’s about time business owners and workers work in tandem to create a healthy world.