Fear of Assault Inhibits Women from Exercising Outdoors

Fear of Assault Inhibits Women from Exercising Outdoors

According to a new multi-country survey that also includes Canada, reveals that quarter of women always or on regular basis exercise at a gym instead of outdoors as they fear harassment and assault.

Around 46% of the women polled that they prefer to exercise indoors as they fear harassment and assault in the outdoor environment.

The survey that is a part of the soon to be coming book, presents a sneak peak of the various ways that dictate the physical activity of women.

The findings of the survey that have been merged by the reports of Statistics Canada reveals that women are three times more likely than men to fear for their safety when they are walking alone outside after dark.

Of the total 811 women polled, around 7 in 10 said that they regularly or always avoid making eye contact with men when outdoors, due to the ever lurching fears of harassment and assault.

The findings also revealed that 62% of women always assess their surroundings from the fears, while 45% avoided going out after dark.

Appalled at the observations of the survey that reflected, 99 %of the respondents had faced street harassment at least once, Kearl remarked that she was shocked at the revelation that among any group of women the experience of harassment was prevalent.

Holly Kearl, author of Stop Street Harassment, Making Public Places Safe and Welcoming for Women further said that,” It's so normalized. Even in the cartoons we watch at a young age, there are male characters making gaga eyes or whistling at female characters”.