BMW Luxury to Hit the Straits Times

BMW Luxury to Hit the Straits Times

BMW'S new 5 Series is going to flaunt the pages of The Straits Times tomorrow as part of an innovative advertising campaign initiated to fuel sales of the car here.

Adorning eight pages, the advertisement aims to stop readers in their tracks so that the lines of the latest model from Bavaria can be fully honored.

Some 500 people in Singapore is revealed to have ordered BMW's latest 5-series luxury sedan - without having even witnessed the car in person or test-driven it.

The two-month marketing strategy, a part of a $2 million launch for the series, is the result of a conglomeration between BMW's Singapore agent Performance Motors, BMW Asia and Singapore Press Holdings.

The Managing Director of Performance Motors, Mr. Say Kwee Neng, posted that the advertisement will try to garb and showcases the beauty and glory associated to the new 5 Series.

“We are happy to partner with Performance Motors and BMW in this innovative print project to showcase their latest models,” quoted, Mr. Leslie Fong, senior executive vice-president of SPH Marketing.