Taiwan iPhone Company Foxconn Faces Death of Ninth Employee

Taiwan iPhone Company Foxconn Faces Death of Ninth Employee

It has been reported that on Friday, an employee at iPhones and iPads manufacturer, Foxconn Technology Group, jumped to his death from a building in the southern Chinese boomtown of Shenzhen

This is reported to be the ninth suicide this year at the world's principal deal creator of electronics, nationalized media reported.

It was reported by the Xinhua News Agency, that the most recent victim, logistics worker Nan Gang, 21, jumped from a four-story factory building nearly a half hour after finishing his shift at 4 a. m.

According to Xinhua, Nan, an emigrant from central Hubei region, landed on his head and died at the scene. It is said that about 11 Foxconn employees have leapt off buildings in 2010, and two of them survived.

Xinhua on Friday said that another worker, Rong Bo, jumped off a building and committed suicide on Jan. 8.

It has been said that about 300,000 workers are pushed hard, labor under great pressure and face callous authority for making blunders.

25 year old Sun Danyong’s death, which occurred last July, was the highest-profile death where he jumped off a building after being questioned over a missing iPhone prototype. Sun was accountable for sending the gadget to U. S.-based Apple Inc.