A newly discovered molecule can help in removing unwanted substances from body

British researchers have created a molecule known as Bridion which has the ability to attach itself to unwanted substances in the bloodstream such as an overdose of drugs or an anaesthetic, no longer required following surgery.

This “chemical cleaner” can also provide a cure to the headache, nausea and shaking associated with excessive drinking.

According to researchers, the new molecule works by forming a ring around the unwanted chemical, rendering it ineffective within three minutes, the time it takes the blood to circulate round the body. It is then excreted naturally.

Bridion has been used in trials with patients who have undergone anaesthesia and can remove a paralysing drug used in major surgery.

Dr. David Hill, head of pharmacology at Schering Plough said that we have proven the concept that you can have these artificial receptors that bind specific agents. You can imagine creating very specific molecules to interact with things.

Dr. Hill added: "The side-effects (of Bridion] are virtually nil, you just have this fantastic reversal of the paralysis. The potential now is that the anaesthetist has much greater control over the degree of muscle paralysis. When something like this comes along they are quite excited."