Nvidia Launches GTX 480M for Laptops

Nvidia Launches GTX 480M for Laptops

There is some good news for gamers and people who use their computers mainly for graphics and graphical applications. Nvidia has launched GTX 480M Graphics processors for laptops. In the coming days, laptops with Nvidia GeForce GTX 480M chip will support DirectX 11 level graphics. It is more powerful and aims to deliver better performance than the earlier processors.

It will certainly make gaming enthusiasts and other very happy. The new series has more than three times CUDA Cores (stream processors) than its predecessor.

The new GF104 chip has 352 stream processors and the graphics engine is clocked at 850MHz. Nvidia has not announced the amount of video memory it uses but confirmed that it will be clocked at 1200MHz and 256-bit memory bandwidth.

Even though it is still not known, how this will impact battery life, experts feel that the latest version will not have a very significant impact on the battery life of the systems. It will also utilize the Nvidia Optimus GPU-IGP graphics auto-switching technology.

Nvidia had launched ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 GPUs for laptops in January. It had also impressed a lot of people and gamers especially. The latest launch will further increase the competition in the mobile platform.