Even well controlled, mild diabetes slows mental functions

Mild diabetes can have a negative impact on the mental functions. A study shows that mild diabetes, even when it is under check, can slow the mental functions of the patients.

A research was conducted by the Researchers at University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. The study was conducted on 41 adults with diabetes and 424 healthy adults between the age group of 53 and 90. The researchers followed the participants for several years before coming to a conclusion.

Previous studies have also indicated that diabetes impairs cognition. The present research reaffirms the previous claims. But the new study gives additional information that the effect of diabetes on mental functions starts at an early age. It was also observed by the researchers that diabetic adults scored two on five when measured on processing tasks.

But the deficits were not severe enough to affect the patient's daily routine functions. However, these deficits could mean an additional decline in the cognitive functions.

Though diabetics exhibited normal reaction time, they were slower on tasks that required fast and precise processing of verbal inputs.

However, the research has also shown that the cognitive defect is not serious but it occurs at an early stage in type 2 diabetes. But the good news is that it does not worsen over a period of time.