Visioning a Three-Dimensional Future for PCs by Nvidia

Visioning a Three-Dimensional Future for PCs by Nvidia

Nvidia's CEO has said that hardware manufacturers will amalgamate behind Google's Android as the chief operating system for tablet computers.

It is said that tablets are developing to be one of the attractions of the yearly Computex show in Taipei, where hardware manufacturers are displaying their most recent products and prototypes.

Jen-Hsun Huang, President and CEO at Nvidia stated, "Windows is too big and it's too full featured for smartbooks and tablets. The good news is that we finally have an operating system to unite behind. Android is an operating system that has gained a tremendous amount of momentum all over the world”.

It is said that at first, Android was urbanized with cell phones in mind but computer manufacturers put in all their time making it usable in other devices.

The success of iPad established that there is extensive order for tablets and placed the bar high for opponents.

About 1 million iPads were sold by Apple during the initial four weeks of its sale, and got a lot of praises from users for its lustrous and instinctive user interface, including its long battery life.

Nvidia has a vested curiosity in seeing the tablet market develop. The firm is selling its own Arm-based processor, called Tegra 2, which is intended for tablets.