Android Fragmentation: What Is It, After all?

Android Fragmentation: What Is It, After all?

Over at the Android Developers Blog, Android Open Source & Compatibility Program Manager, Dan Morrill is stating that ‘Android fragmentation’ is nothing but something that is futile fear mongering code of conduct of all the drama-queen pundits.

The problem is that nobody has ever defined ‘fragmentation’ or rather; everyone seems to have a different description for this.

A number of people use it to denote too many mobile operating systems; while some refer to elective APIs that cause conflicting platform implementations, but still, others use it to refer to ‘locked down’ tools, or even to the continuation of multiple edition of the software at the same time.

It mostly seen that the term is used to refer to the existence of different UI skins. Most of these meanings do not even have any impact on whether apps can run or not.

Stories on ‘fragmentation’ are theatrical and they drive traffic to pundits’ blogs, however they do not have much to do with realism. Fragmentation is a bogeyman, a red herring, a story that you can use, so that, junior developers get frightened.

So what can finally be said about it? It may be a hoax or if not, then Google should probably give explanation of the term.