Wisconsin barber’s deathbed ‘confession’ perplexes police

The deathbed statement of a Wisconsin barber has become a sort of mystery for the Milwaukee police! Though the 62-year-old man, Vernon Seitz, said that he was a child killer, the police believe the man actually did not kill any children, as no connection could be established with any missing child case.

Seitz, who was the owner of Vern's Barber Shop in St. Francis, died December 18 in his Bay View home. Before dying a natural death, he told his psychiatrist of his 'child killings'; the psychiatrist later informed the police.

The disturbing discovery that the police made on entering the home of the dead man - having found child pornography, flyers and news articles about missing children and cannibalistic books - appear more like leavings of a disturbed individual.

The investigators, having looked through Seitz's home, said the dead man's collection included a lot of information about Jacob Wetterling - a Minnesota boy, who went missing in 1989 and has never been found. However, no human remains were found from the house.

On being questioned the relatives of Seitz told the police that he had a great concern for child abduction victims, as he himself had been abducted when he was a child.

Even though Anne E. Schwartz, the Police spokeswoman, admitted that some 'unusual' things were found in Seitz's home, she told The Associated Press that the investigation did not reveal any correlation with missing children.