CSIRO Selected as a CUDA Research Center

CSIRO Selected as a CUDA Research Center

To acknowledge some home-grown supercomputer hardware, the GPU monolith NVIDIA gave kudos to CSIRO. But it’s a disappointment in the science organization on the fact that despite the hardware is booming, yet, the people power isn’t.

NVIDIA is presently the most powerful developers of GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). Hardware GPUs lie at the heart of game consoles and supercomputers. NVIDIA has announced that, for its international network of high performance computing research centers, it has elected CSIRO.

CSIRO's Group Executive, Information Sciences, Dr Alex Zelinsky, said, “the announcement -at the International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg, Germany - furthers CSIRO's goal of being a world leader in the application of GPU technology to a broad range of scientific and industrial problems. To be involved in NVIDIA's CUDA Research Center Program, which is designed for institutions that embrace GPU computing across multiple research fields, is a great honor for CSIRO”.

The CUDA research centers are spread all over, including Johns Hopkins University (US) and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). In the southern hemisphere, CSIRO is proud to be the only CUDA Research Center in the region.

One of the world’s fastest computers had been given by CSIRO in the form of its GPU cluster. It includes 256 GPUs and also, was the first of its kind in Australia.