Meditation Helps in Reducing Emotional Pain

Meditation Helps in Reducing Emotional Pain

To add a feather in meditation's glorious studies, one more study conducted by the University of Manchester highlights the positive effect of meditation. The study shows that meditation helps to reduce the emotional impact of physical pain.

The study published in the Journal Pain found that when meditators were induced with a laser device, particular areas of their brains became less active, causing less impact of pain on them. The scientists took individuals having experience of meditation, ranging between months to decades. It was found that less experienced meditators had a different anticipation of pain than those with more experience. Scientists also say that people with more experience in meditation, anticipate the pain least.

The study confirms the theory of meditation, which says that meditation trains the mind to focus on present, rather than being apprehensive about the future events. Therefore, it is said that meditating on regular basis, reduces the possibilities of developing mental diseases.

"Meditation is becoming increasingly popular as a way to treat chronic illness such as the pain caused by arthritis", said Dr Christopher Brown, who conducted the research.

Positive effects of meditation are also confirmed by the fact that people suffering from chronic diseases like arthritis are also being given the treatment of meditation.