Arizona’s Immigration Law Receives Widespread Criticism

Barack Obama

The proposed immigration measures of Arizona have been severely criticized by religious leaders in the US and Latin America. They have generated a lot of controversy and have been even attacked by US President Barack Obama who felt that the law is misguided.

The law will require police to question people about their immigration status even if the police have stopped a person for another reason which may be legitimate.

Archbishop Rafael Romo Munoz, of Tijuana, Mexico termed these measures as inhuman and against the interests of humanity.

The US President has made immigration reform a priority due to pressure from border states in the US, due to concerns over illegal immigration and drug violence.

The US President had already met Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and expressed his reservations related to the law. He claimed that he will seek more funds and deploy 1,200 extra troops to help reduce illegal immigration on the US-Mexico border.

These measures have also been widely criticized by civil rights groups and human rights advocates. It is claimed that these laws will increase discrimination against Hispanics.

The laws will be applicable from 29 July will make it a criminal offense to be in Arizona without immigration papers. Concerns are also being raised that it will lead to racial profiling and create divisions between the police and immigrant communities.