Osbourne to Write Health Column

Osbourne to Write Health Column

Ozzy Osbourne will soon be writing a health column for The Sunday Times. He wants the people to learn from his mistakes and not repeat them in their lives.

He agreed that he was surprised when he got a call from the paper but eventually agreed to write a health column for The Sunday Times. He claimed that initially he felt that it was a joke but then he realized that the paper was serious about the offer.

The rock star felt that it makes sense for him to write a health column as he has spent millions of pounds on doctors and to get treated for various problems. He felt that he knows as much about various health conditions as did the doctors know.

He also admitted that being alive at the age of 61 was like a miracle for him. He agreed that he had made a lot of mistakes in his life and hoped people could learn from his experiences.

The singer also revealed that he had been an addict of alcohol and prescription drugs for years. But he wants that people should not take their health lightly and learn to maintain their health.

He also pointed out that his addictions have proved very costly for him and severely impacted his musical career.