Purple Vegetables and Fruits Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Purple Vegetables and Fruits Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Fruits and vegetables comprise a hale and hearty, nutritious meal plan. They form an important part of the balanced daily diet.

Recent research has showed that including purple vegetables and fruits in your diet provides protection against many life threatening diseases, like cancer and Alzheimer.

Presence of anthocyanins and phenolics in purple fruits and vegetables such as Purple Heart potatoes, purple cauliflowers, beetroot, blackberries, grapes etc. helps to maintain healthy urinary tract, which improves one's memory and reduces the process of aging.

Purple Hearts can be baked, cooked, steamed or microwaved. On the other hand, purple caulis can be cooked by deep frying them.

One can also use purple caulis and beetroot in salad by cutting it into slices. Small beetroot leaves can be put into use for their tint and essence. Sliced olives can be used for decorating and the same will double the taste of the salad.

Hot purple potato salad by using sesame seeds, cumin seeds, potatoes can also be prepared and it can be served with sweet chili sauce.

Beetroot and Horseradish soup can be prepared by using onions, olive oil and lemons. Sage, if used with prudence, is a great aromatic plant.