BMW Launches Five Series Sedan in New Zealand

BMW Launches Five Series Sedan in New Zealand

New five series Sedan by BMW has been launched in New Zealand. The series is first for the mid-size luxury segment and is with an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

It has been informed that the box will be offered as standard for all the motors of the 5-Series range in the country.

The series is ranging from diesel-powered 2-litre 520d costing $107,000 to the V8-powered 4.4-litre 550i priced at $173,000.

Also, the 5-Series is probably the first to have eight-speed gearbox connected to fuel-saving stop-start system.

This option is presently available on the 520d manual in markets. The combination in the vehicles will initiate next year, when auto major will assert that the pairing improves fuel consumption by 5% on an average.

The joining of automatic gearbox with or without eight speeds can be termed as a noteworthy step on the part of the Company.

This is because, it clearly rejects the predictions made earlier by many carmakers that stop-start and automatic gearboxes will only show up after 2013-15.