NASA Alarms Solar Strom Can Cause Disastrous Harm


It has been warned by NASA that there is a possibility of power blackouts that will make Britain devoid of important communication signals for long periods of time after “once-in-a-generation space storm” hits the planet.

NASA alarmed that the national power grids will get “overheated”, the air travel will be obstructed intensely and even the electronic items, navigation devices and satellites will stop functioning. The space storm will occur after the Sun peaks it power in coming years.

According to senior space agency scientists, the Earth will witness extraordinary levels of magnetic energy from solar blazes. This event is set to occur at the time when Sun gets up “from a deep slumber” somewhere around
2013, the Daily Telegraph has revealed.

Also, the space agency stated that the super storm would come like a “bolt of lightning” and will result in disastrous consequences for the global health, the emergency services and also the national security. It is being urged that necessary precautions should be taken on time to lessen the effect of the disaster.

The scientists predict that problems will be experienced in various areas, including emergency services systems, banking systems, air traffic control devices and hospital equipments. This will also affect some very basic devices of daily use like home computers, iPods and Sat Navs.