Android 2.2 Froyo Phones Can Access BBC iPlayer

BBC iplayer

THE BBC has twisted its Iplayer video streaming software to toil on smartphones running on Android 2.2.

With the newest version of Google's Linux based Android operating system supporting Adobe's Flash player, the scene was set for web based video streaming services such as Iplayer to emerge on smartphones.

With audio and visual artifacts galore, experience with Iplayer playback was painful, say sources. However, after the BBC technical team managed to work things out, the playback now is nearly perfect. The service using a Nexus one and both audio and video were very satisfactory with full screen playback not even suffering from letterboxing, sources said.

Although, the 1GHz Snapdragon processor has little problem handling the extra load put on it by the Flash player, but the audio quality and even the frame rate when watching close-ups of guitar solos are impressive. Switching between browser windows playing videos on either, too, is possible.

The BBC has showed up a list of devices that can access Iplayer, though it does not comprise newer Android devices such as the Nexus One. The INQUIRER has, however, verified that those wanting to watch the BBC's Iplayer through their Nexus One can do so, if Android 2.2 and Flash player are installed.

There's no qualm that Adobe's Flash software does use phone possessions such as processor time and battery life, however, it is similarly as apparent that the Snapdragon chip is more than up to the task of playing back video.