Schools in California Heading towards Insolvency

Los Angeles

Lynwood Unified School District in Los Angeles County and many other schools in the fourteen districts of the state are in dire condition. A lot of California schools are heading towards financial bankruptcy, according to state officials.

The immediate consequences of this are teacher layoffs and that also in thousands. However, both state officials as well as the California Teachers Assn. have failed to disclose the final numbers. According to the state Department of Education, about 38% schools may be "unable to meet future financial obligations", since the beginning of 2010.

State Supt. of Public Instruction, Jack O'Connell, said, “Schools on this list are now forced to make terrible decisions to cut programs and services that students need or face bankruptcy”.

About 14 schools are classified to be in a dire condition out of the state's 1,077 school districts. They will not be able to avoid bankruptcy based on their present approved budgets. The districts, which fall under this category, include Hayward Unified in Alameda County, Vallejo City Unified in Solano County, L.A. County and Natomas Unified in Sacramento County.

An extra 160 school systems are not in danger of immediate bankruptcy and they have a "qualified" financial outlook. According to data collected by the California Teachers Assn., about 26,000 teachers were informed in March that they might be laid off.