Astronauts Try to Fix Urine Recycling System on ISS

Astronauts Try to Fix Urine Recycling System on ISSWith set aim in their mind, astronauts are trying to fix the essential part of the equipment, which would be capable of converting urine and sweat into drinkable water for them. The cost of this water recycling equipment would be around $154 million, and it will allow NASA to actually increase the crew abroad the ISS to six.

This Sunday, the station commander Michael Fincke was asked to remove the way the centrifuge is mounted on the water recycling system by the mission control. From past many days now, the water recycling system is being fixed by the astronauts so that they could send samples of water to Earth for analysis. However, the system’s processor only operates for about two hours at a time and then shuts down.

Lead flight director Ginger Kerrick, said, “While working to fix the problem, engineers are also studying whether there is possible to increase the number of crew members aboard the space station with the water recycling system working for only two hours at a time.”

Mr. Kerrick added, “If this is as good as it's going to get, we do need to be able to answer that question.”

 It  was decided not to extend the mission by an extra day by the mission management since enough water samples have been obtained by the astronauts. According to the current schedule, the Endeavour will undock from the space station on Thanksgiving Day.