Infor Presents New Microsoft's Azure Application

Infor Presents New Microsoft's Azure Application

Infor will release its next-generation of applications running on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform in 2011.

Infor will be selling the Azure applications in multitenant form, where a single instance of the software runs on a server, serving multiple client organizations without their data getting joined. These applications provide upgrades to many customers at the same instance.

Soma Somasundaram, the Senior Vice President of Global Product Development at Infor, stated, "It's a very good platform to build multitenant applications, but the problem is you have to build everything from scratch".

In addition, Azure applications will be utilizing Infor's recently released ION framework for data sharing between applications and Business Process Management (BPM).

On its side, Infor will be building a new user interface, which will be known as CompanyOn, employing Microsoft's SharePoint and Silverlight technologies. CompanyOn will be giving its variety of applications a universal mode. The new user interface will also be the main home for business intelligence reports and dashboards.

Altimeter Group analyst, Ray Wang clarified that the partnership will be beneficial for the two giant Tech Companies, as it is a notable move for both of them taking advantage of a "vast pool of system integrators, ISVs and developers already working with Microsoft technologies".